Building tall reputation

Almost every new residential development is getting its own ‘Landmark’ tower. But it isn’t up to property developers to determine whether their new building is iconic because icons are the ones that the public take to their hearts.

When Someone Mention Agra , Mumbai, Delhi Like many people you will immediately associate the city with its famous structure – Taj Mahal , Gateway Of India, And Qutub Minar: Simply because iconic building are a definition of a city – a statement about its history, ambition or how it wants to be seen.

Reputation of a building makes it effective and iconic for a place. Like Supertech North Eye Project in Central Noida. This project has a unique iconic identification for structure construction, Features, Modern Amenities Etc. The all iconic have different – different in height, different in shape, different in function. What makes them iconic is probably their unique design, their history and their impact they have had on the city.



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