Supertech projects in central noida: – world class amenities and luxurious facilities with supertech capetown!

Supertech capwtown is a world class residential and commercial community at noida sector-74. All types of amenities are available in this project. The redefining the redefining wonderful living with all the luxurious amenities without neglecting the basic amenities is what makes Supertech Capetown to stand apart from all the other competitors of it.

All types of amenities such as location metro connectivity, hospitality collages etc. the location of sector-74 is quite good many other reputed Builders also developed their projects in this location such as amrapali, lotus greens etc.



  • Open area of 82% landscape around you makes feel relaxed, feel like playing in a playground and flying like a bird.
  • All the houses have 4 entrances.
  • City greens are covered for over 100 acres.


  • Basic need of water supply is continuous for 24 hours, without interruptions.
  • The power supply is continuous for 24 hours and does not irritate you with any power interruptions.
  • All the necessary markets and facilities in city are very close with metro connectivity.
  • All the kitchens are facilitated with the reticulated gas supply so that cooking is never delayed or concerned with the availability of gas.


  • There is a lot of parking space available for every house. No matter you have two wheeler or four wheeler you will be allocated with necessary parking space necessary?

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