A better future for rental market

Innovative schemes, use of vacant homes, PPP model recommended in draft Rental Housing Policy

Many people investing their hard earned money in a house hesitate to rent it out. Fearing that their tenants would either default on rent payment or not vacate the house, they prefer to sit back instead and wait for prices on the property to appreciate. Low returns on rentals are a problem too, with 1.4% returns on residential property contrasting sharply with 6% to 7% returns on commercial properties.

The draft National Urban Rental Housing Policy report released last month seeks to address all rental market issues. It acknowledges that 11.09 million houses are vacant in urban areas as per Census 2011 and suggests that if these are made available for rental housing, the urban housing shortage issue could be largely sorted out.

Real estate experts are of the view that the gap between vacant housing stock and actual housing requirements needs to be bridged, a task which can be accomplished by drawing up an inventory of empty houses. Amit Bhatt of Embarq India suggests that the government could consider the Singapore model of providing housing to people for a fixed tenure, getting the government to take over the units later to consider their redevelopment potential.

“The new draft policy seeks to address some of the fears landlords have but it remains to be seen how it gets implemented,” says Sunil Tyagi of Zeus Law, a law firm.

The draft proposes rental housing models such as PPP and schemes such as rent to own, shared ownership, rental voucher and rent alt al allowance allowance. It also proposes income tax concessions for institutional owners to create mass rental, especially affordable, housing.“The policy is expected to enable formalisation of rental housing through regulatory and legal frameworks; enhance fund flows along with incentives for rental housing; and promote institutions/organisations for constructing, managing, maintenance and operations of rental housing stock, thereby helping achieve the goals of Housing for All by 2022.2022 The draft policy has called for developing a strategy to deal with the vacant or locked properties in consultations with various stakeholders and come up with options,” says Dr Debolina Kundu, associate professor at the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA).

The draft proposes bringing in rental management companies to ensure efficiency in operations, maintenance and management of large scale rental housing projects/schemes.According to Kundu, historically, housing policy and prog  interventions have been oriented towards promoting ownership housing. The share of households living in rented accommodation was reported at 27.5% in 2011. This share was over 50% in 1971. Rental housing in India has reported a decline over the decades.

The housing shortage will be addressed by bringing in more housing stock for various income categories that cannot afford or plan to buy property. Also, the government role has shifted from provider to facilitator, which is why the PPP route has been mooted as the government cannot on its own meet housing requirements.

The Centre, states and local governments are likely to give direct and indirect tax relief to house owners and tenants. This has been proposed as renting of homes is a “commercial” activity, which means increased property tax for individuals and service taxes for institutional rental housing operators of hostels/PGs and dormitories wherein electricity and utility rates are calculated at par with commercial properties, reducing the rental yield.

The document has suggested different “need-based rental housing” models to address diverse housing needs for various segments of the population such as students, working men/ women, construction workers and migrants. These can be owned by individuals, private players, companies and government.

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Source: Ht-Estate Noida dated 21-11-2015.




Is central Noida the profitable destination for investors?

Current real estate market in Noida and NCR is grooming and right or not to investment with central Noida real estate projects. At present and future of central Noida is good due to some reasons:

Near Future Metro connectivity:-

For real estate industry a good connectivity with the project must be a primary part. According to this point of view central Noida,s future is bright, Metro connectivity gives you a better investment option for investors and for buyers at central Noida. According to new feedbacks the investment would be fruitful here due to public conveyance.

Many Projects developed by the reputed developers at central Noida like Supertech, Amrapali, Prateek and other builders. So the real estate investment destination is in quite good condition in central Noida early possession and ready to move in projects such as SupertechCapetown Noida is one of the best project is at central Noida sector-78.  Another option comes from Amrapali Group which is stone throwing place from the proposed metro station of sector-50, project name Amrapali Silicon City.

The location of the central Noida would be going to get the world class infrastructure development and institutes, sports facilities. FNG expressway under development touching the central Noida location.


How are building categorized against earthquake?

Last week’s earthquake, which had its epikush region of Afghanistan, rattled almost all of builders claiming the most structures in the capital are safe, the alarming fact is that 100% of the buildings in Delhi NCR, are all category-D earthquake resistant or in many cases even lower than category-D, As defined by the national disaster management authority or NDMA.

The Supreme Court has asked the government to do the following, but till date its orders have not been complied with:-

1) NDMA undertaken a public awareness campaign on a national basis through print and electronic media to educate the people about the four category of earthquake resistant building and the detailed definition of each

2) The public awareness campaign be undertaken immediately and continuously so as to sensitizes the public, thereby saving lives in the eventuality of the earthquake

3) all public building, including commercial and office building, housing more than 100 person, both new and old, should have an engraved metal plate of size not less than one feet by two feet,

4) all most multistory buildings, more than five storey’s high, both new and old, should have an engraved metal plate of size not less than one feet by building is earthquake resistant-immediate occupancy or earthquake resistant- life safety or earthquake resistant collapse prevention or earthquake resistant- unknown.

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Luxurious apartments and resale property in central Noida!

Central noida is one of the destination for luxurious apartments and best property in Noida and Greater noida. Luxurious not only the modern facilities, also infrastructure and good construction quality be must for make a luxurious home. Central noida is a prime location in noida, it is situated at heart of noida. you can see the top builders developed their projects in central noida, such as Supertechprojects noida , Amrapali, Prateek Westeria.

Supertech capetown noida is one of the luxurious project in central noida developed by supertech group. Also supertech launched its supernova project in noida sector-94 in noida its tallest tower having 80 floors where approx 80-100 apartments price between 5-8 crores. The project is full of the all luxurious facilities. While the demand for such projects developers feels the growth is more sustainable.

The supertech northeye is the best example for luxury definition, location is the most important part while you are developed a luxurious projects. This project located in sector-74 noida. The location is prime, and connectivity is also good such as buses and metro. The second thing is that Market place should be a parameter of quality and atmosphere should be also luxurious. Where you can see world class infrastructure. In capetown, north eye and other projects have option available in resale property at central noida.

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Way to luxurious flats and property at Supertech projects noida!

When You Take decisions for buy your dream home or any property, what is the right way that os the main point how to make sure yourself buy your dream home? You are doing hard work for save money for your dreams and spent your precious time.

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The stylish furnished, and apartments located in a modern building in one of the most desire districts of north india.

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You are finding peace and beatify atmosphere for your home!

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These projects are very prime. According to other basic needs these projects are very good.

This project is build with green principle and peaceful atmosphere; you can feel fresh air with a fragrance. Come steal the beautiful glimpses of the residential project, come find Zeal & Peace at Supertech north eye.

supertech north eye is a
supertech north eye is a

Residential plot and flats scheme In Noida and Noida Expressway!

Have you been think about the NCR? Are you looking for a plot in Noida and Noida Expressway Where you can make a individual and independent house? Now is time

to realise this dream as a golden opportunity is just going to get opened for the people looking for plots.

In the second such scheme, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority will soon be launching its new scheme for residential plots along the Yamuna Expressway.

For such opportunity in noida And Greater Noida You can Also Choose the grand projects Like Supertech projects noida and Amrapali noida.

These flats are located in prime location you can amaze about that, Adjacent to noida and greater noida.  The supporting infrastructure to aid living in this area is also being development at a good place.